Common Password Mistakes

Easy Password (123456) written on hand

Passwords: Top 3 Mistakes Which Can Result to Data Breaches

Data breach is a major concern for businesses and consumers alike. Human error is said to be the leading cause – and the use of passwords is part of the equation.

Employees with access to sensitive information are responsible for more than 70% of data breaches. And there are times that the only wall which protects our data from intruders is a mere password.

Passwords are essential for online security. They are simple to create and use; the challenge is how we handle them. Here are the three most common humans mistakes that make it easier for hackers to get into our accounts:

Human Error #1: Failure to update passwords

Firstly, many people routinely fail to update their passwords. This can cause more issues than you think. Many current websites have a “remember me” feature, which means a hacker only needs to access your account once to gain full control of your device.

Human Error #2: Using weak or similar passwords in different accounts

With the recent security breaches, we all need to update our passwords and use strong ones that are tough for hackers to guess. Additionally, never reuse passwords across multiple accounts. This practice can make it easier for hackers to crack your credentials. If hackers successfully steal just one, they can use this knowledge to hack your other online accounts.

Human Error #3: Sharing with insecure third parties

Perhaps the most common mistake is sharing passwords, which allows unauthorized individuals to access classified information and reveal sensitive data.

Also, putting critical details like your company’s address or phone number on social media can make you an easy target for social engineering. Social engineering is a technique that hackers use to manipulate people into giving up confidential information. Once obtained, it is possible to hack and steal an account.

Humans are prone to making mistakes, sometimes without even realizing it. But it is important for companies to have strong Data Security policies and make sure that their employees are following them. While passwords are meant to be secret, they are not as secure as we think!